Cheapest ssl certificate in Nigeria


Cheapest SSL certificate in Nigeria isLet’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Truehost Cloud Nigeria offers Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for free.

The only requirement one need to get the free Lets encrypt SSL Certificate is host their website or service with Truehost Cloud Nigeria.

On your Cpanel under security, you will find Let’s Encrypt icon.

Click the Let’s Encrypt icon to install the Let’s Encrypt SSL on any domain or subdomain on your service.

Does it mean Let’s Encrypt SSL at Truehost Cloud is a Wildcard SSL?

Yes, Let’s Encrypt SSL on Truehost Cloud is a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

What about the cheapest Premium SSL certificate in Nigeria?

The cheapest premium SSL or Paid SSL certificate in Nigeria is a positive Comodo SSL by is a global web security website that is available for Nigerian to purchase the cheapest SSL Certificates. has partnered with multiple cloud service providers in the world including Truehost Cloud to provide affordable cyber security solutions.

Comodo Positive SSL on sells at $8.40, which is one of the cheapest price for Comodo Positive SSL in the world.

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