Day: January 23, 2020

Where can I get free or cheap SSL certificates from?

Cheap SSL certificate can be got at Rates are as low as $3.99 for single domain ssl For Multi-domain SSL rates are as low as $33,99 For wildcard ssl ...

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How can I get a free SSL certificate?

To get free ssl-certificates-in-nigeria , place order and proceed to installation. SSL Certificates in Nigeria Free SSL is also available to those who obtain web hosting on link   

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Are there different types of SSL Certificates?

Yes, there are different types of SSL. Single domain ssl cover one domain, Multi-domain ssl cover more than 1 domain, Wildcard SSL cover a domain with subdomains. In regard to ...

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Why should web users care about SSL certificates?

Web users should care about SSL certificate for it gives them security online. The SSL certificate protects the data web users share online. With encryption provided by SSL Certificate, personal ...

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