Cheapest Cpanel Licences

Cheapest Cpanel Licences

Cpanel License

A Cpanel is a web hosting control panel that is used to administer and manage the operations of a website. Users must obtain a license before using a Cpanel as it is important in securing and installing the Cpanel applications. Cpanel are provided by the Cpanel itself or sold by Cpanel partners at a cheaper price.

Factors to consider when selecting Cpanel licenses

  1. The type of server

There are two types of Cpanel licensing specific for VPS Hosting and dedicated server hosting. Both of this license types are available from Cpanel or authorized partners. The Cpanel license is compatible with the type of server you choose and a single server can only accommodate one type of license, meaning you cannot have both dedicated and VPS license on the same server at the same time. Dedicated license need a complete Cpanel dedicated for use on that specific server to support unlimited accounts using the single license. AVPS license is cheap and affordable to support virtualized software and provides the same features as a fully dedicated server.

  1. Multiple licenses

A virtual private server is divided into multiple partitions to host multiple website accounts. Each partition requires to have its own control panel and a web host manager to keep track of all the activities that are running on the website. Each of this partition require Cpanel licensing to secure the application packages in the Cpanel.

  1. Operating system

Cpanel licenses are specific to different operating systems. You should know the type of operating system your server is operating on to be able to purchase for a specific Cpanel license.

  1. IP address type

You should always know your IP address type prior to looking for a Cpanel license to suit your site to identify the IP addresses that cannot be licensed for like internal and dynamic IP addresses.

  1. The Cpanel license provider

You need to make sure that you buy the license from a trusted web hosting company. Cpanel licenses are provided with the license options that match your servers type and unique business needs by Cpanel and authorized partners.

  1. Pricing

By identifying all the Cpanel requirements, it is easy to make a budget and compare different licensing features and prices from Cpanel partners at a cheaper price.


Benefits of a Cpanel License

VPS license supports a user-friendly platform that is more secure than shared hosting and employ the same hosting features as a dedicated server. This is to protect users personal and sensitive information from access by unauthorized personnel.

VPS license save money on labor and minimize the system administrative workload.

The right Cpanel license gives users a wide range of tools to help make their sites look attractive to provide reliable services.

Cpanel licenses are flexible. They come with different varieties depending on your needs.

With both Cpanel license you will get addition features that include unlimited IPS, virtual accounts and any account you assign to your server.

Cpanel license should always match your needs. A variety of license option can help to meet all your server needs. Basing on the factors above make the best choice for the right Cpanel license from the Cpanel itself or any authorized Cpanel partner.

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