Cloud backup and Recovery in Nigeria


Cloudpap is introducing cloud backup and recovery service for personal and enterprise use. Cloudpap cloud backup is a cross platform solution, allowing Nigerians to backup any device, manage backups and recover the backup when necessary. Cloudpap backup solution covers the following devices

Smartphones – cloudpap backup allow backup and recovery of android smartphones, IOS smartphones.

Workstation of PC – cloudpap backup provides agents to capture backup and restore backup on Windows and MacBook computers.

Servers – cloudpap backup and recovery support safe data backup from servers. Cloudpap backup agent software for Linux servers, Windows server backup and recovery within a server environment.

VPS/VM – how critical are the application running on your VM. Backup every day with cloudpap. Cloudpap backs up KVM, VMware, Xen server, Hyper-V.

Cloudpap also allow restoration of VM to any other of VM type. A VMware can be restored to Xen server, it also help in migration of a full VM or VPS from one provider to another.

Personal vault

A package of cloudpap backup that target individual users and home set up. One package that allow backup of smartphone, a workstation, CCTV coverage in one storage space and easy restoration of each.

Enterprise vault

Enterprise targets corporate set up allowing backup and restoration of workstations, websites, VMs and CCTV coverage from one cloud storage space.

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