Cloudpap server backup


Server backup solution target server owners allowing backup of Linux or Windows Servers and easy restoration of either.

Cloud storage in Nigeria

Truehost Cloud Nigeria is a market leader in cloud storage. Partnering with Cloudpap, Truehost Cloud Nigeria provides a wide scale of cloud storage solutions including cloud backup solutions, cloud collaboration solutions among others.

Cold cloud Storage

Truehost Cloud Nigeria provides Cold cloud storage in Nigeria, allow businesses and professionals to store data in the cloud for safe archiving. Cloudpap backup allow backup of smartphones, workstations, servers, VMs, MSSQL and Office 365. The solution allow subsequent restoration of data backup when required.

Hot Storage

Truehost Cloud Nigeria provides Cloudpap Drive that allow business and professionals to create, edit, update, delete, store files in the cloud. Cloudpap drive allow teams to collaborate on projects by sharing files, editing and creating files on realtime basis.

Truehost Cloud also allow database storage in the database as a service solution.

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