Cpanel Hosting Platform

Cpanel Hosting Platform: Everything You Need To Know

Cpanel Hosting Platform

Cpanel Hosting Platform

As a website owner, you can manage your website/server with no technical skills needed using a Cpanel. A Cpanel hosting platform is a user-friendly control panel provided by a web host to website owners to allow them to manage their websites from a web-based interface.

What does Cpanel do?

  1. A Cpanel makes it easy to install software like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal.

You may consider building your own website by installing content management system applications like WordPress after signing up for hosting. A Cpanel provides an easy to use Autoinstaller that help you install the website package you prefer by just clicking on it, like if you want to install Joomla, you click on it, then install the program to your site using the Autoinstaller.

  1. It enables you to diagnose issues with your computer.
  2. It manages FTP accounts and upload FTP files.

A Cpanel is used to upload and manage files on your website. When you sign in for hosting, an FTP account is automatically created in the Cpanel. With an FTP account, you only need to include your username and password to log in. With an FTP account, you can create new FTP accounts to give users access.

  1. It creates and manages databases.

A Database is a tool that stores and allow data access. If you are using a content tool like WordPress, all your data is stored in a database. With the help of a Cpanel, you can create a new database and add users to the database and at the same time provide guidelines to manage the database.

  1. Different security measures are employed to provide security using Cpanel.
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A Cpanel has a password protected directory that helps you add a password to certain folders on your server and an IP address deny manager to help you block traffic from a specific IP address that might cause trouble.

  1. It helps you upload files directly to your server.

A Cpanel helps you to upload files to your web server via a file manager that directly allow you to upload files via a web browser and move files long your server and FTP accounts that let you connect to your web server using an FTP program.

  1. With a Cpanel, you can add new domains and subdomains in your hosting accounts.

When signing up for a hosting account, you configure at least one domain to serve as your primary domain. Depending on your host, you can add two domain names: the subdomains which are added to the already existing primary domain and the addon domains which are independent of the primary domains, this appear as separate domains.

  1. A Cpanel gives customers the ability to stay connected with powerful email and calendar capabilities. Customers can be able to create shared calendars and share with others.
  2. It is easy to track email deliveries using a Cpanel. Email sent and received need to be tracked to help in sorting any issue that may arise in the process like wrong configured filters and corrupt email addresses.
  3. From the Cpanel, one can view resource utilization statistics, web visitors, SEO tools, backup and restore option with a support and knowledge base option.

The Cpanel provides the confidence and control of running a successful online presence through its simple powerful interface.

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