Free SSL certificate in Nigeria

Free SSL certificate in Nigeria

SSL Certificate in Nigeria secures websites against hackers for penetration, cross scripting, sql injection and other hackers’ practices.

There are two SSL certificates types at Truehost Cloud Nigeria.

  1. Comodo Free SSL certificate
  2. Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificates

Comodo Free SSL Certificates,

Provided from World Largest CA Certification Authority.

Comodo Free SSL Certificate is available for free for a period of 3 months only or 90 days.

Comodo doesn’t allow renewal of the free SSL certificate, Comodo expect you to buy a premium SSL certificate after 90 days.

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate is available for free forever for the website or domain names installed on. Let’s encrypt may expire every 3 months or 90 days but it allow renewal and free renewal of the SSL certificates.

Install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate in a click from your Cpanel.


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