Greatest Domain Name Registrar of all times

Greatest Domain Name Registrar of all times

60 million domain names registered , and 17 million customers, approximately 6 times the number of domain names registered by second domain registrar. This is the story of Godaddy., their story began in 1997 ,  founded by Bob Parsons.

Today, Godaddy is making $1.6 B from domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificate sales and related services.

But how did Godaddy achieve this mammoth growth, almost 6 fold nearest competitor in revenue and domain names in volumes.

Their strategy and approach is simple. ÔÇô lower the entry bar ÔÇô using discounts and offers to attract new businesses, customers ┬áto acquire domain names then retaining a percentage┬á of them in the subsequent years.

Ad for India – amazing..?

No one can question the quality of their services in domain registration and web   and SSL services.

Truehost Cloud Nigeria seek to learn from Godaddy on how to grow to those height.

Can we be a Godaddy of a certain market ÔÇô any country..? may be to be largest domain registrar or web hosting company in Kenya or Africa..?or of any product ÔÇôssl certificates, web hosting, domain registration, vps, dedicated servers, cloud servers..?

We are accelerating towards this success.

Meanwhile congrats to Godaddy keep it going.

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