What are Disadvantages of using SSL certificate for your website in Nigeria?

SSL certificate are very important for any credible website not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

There are a few trade-off that comes with usage of SSL certificate on your website, they include:

  1. Cost
  2. Performance
  3. Mobile Device Compatibility


Premium SSL Certificate are availed for a fee for every domain or subdomain secured.The cost is most cases an annually recurring cost that a business has to cater for. It is important to note there are free SSL certificates in the market e.g. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate as provided by Truehost Cloud Nigeria.


Every bit of data transmitted through a SSL secured site or server has to be encrypted and when being received has to be decrypted.

Encryption and Decryption require more server resources and therefore affecting a website or application or server’s application.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Most CA guarantee up to 99.9% mobile compatibility. This means that a few mobile devices are not able to access SSL secured website.

Premium, expensive SSL Certificates have higher mobile device compatibility when compared to the cheaper SSL certificates.

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