what is webhosting

what is webhosting

Web Hosting

This is the process of making the website accessible via the world wide

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is mainly applicable to websites that have a low website traffic and they have set aside a low economic budget for hosting.

The website is allocated a space in the server with all the resources available like the CPU, Disk space shared among all the websites in that particular server.

Shared hosting experience downtime especially when the resources are overloaded. Each website is dependent on the other, when a website fails or experience malware attack, it affects the functionality of all the other websites in the server. The websites share the same IP address.

Dedicated Hosting

Have you thought of having a physical server to maximize on all the resources? then dedicated hosting suits you best. In this type of hosting, the web host lease the whole serve to the client. The dedicated server management system comprises of managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. In both cases the client has the right to install programs and software applications whenever he/she need to use them. The difference is felt in that for the managed servers, the web host is responsible for maintaining a conducive environment to store your server, like proper cooling and high-power capability and provide technical support to maintain the resources in the server. For the unmanaged type, the client who has leased for the server carry full responsibility, right from identifying an in house to store the server, provide the best atmosphere to keep it active and provide all technical support to ensure the server provide all its services.

Colocation Hosting

In colocation hosting, the business can rent a space for servers and other computing hardware. It  provide the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security for hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting involves dividing the hard drive and bandwidth space you get from the hosting provider to provide hosting services to other websites. Reseller hosting is a cheap and affordable way to engage in marketing hosting services for to make a profit. Hosting services from resellers serve the same role as services obtained from web hosting providers. You can be an independent reseller where you identify a company offering reseller hosting plan, purchase a hosting plan, create hosting accounts with reseller hosting plan of your choice and a platform to advertise and carry out marketing or you can partner with your hosting provider as a reseller to market the hosting services for the company. Here you serve as an agent for the hosting company.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Hosting is a virtual private server or a virtualized server. VPS hosting give you the affordability of shared hosting while at the same time give you more power and time like the dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting refers to hosting services on the cloud.


A domain is a unique name used to identify a website. It has two parts the name of the business/ individual and the domain extension name. A domain is issued by the domain registrar accredited by the top-level registry. A domain may be registered by a country level domain or an international domain name provider.

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is an important tool in web hosting that aim at providing a secure environment needed to access your website. SSL Certificates are issued by a company trusted by the certificate authority to facilitated the SSL issuing process. The SSL Certificate build trust between the server and all your website visitors.

Web design


Website builder

This is a tool that help in creating your own website with the help of templates, images and designs. A website builder simplifies it for you by helping you build a website with no technical coding skills employed.

Email Hosting

Email hosting refers to the process of hosting emails on email servers. Emails are an easy and affordable means of communication


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