Whats is Web design

Whats is Web design

Web Design is the art of designing and creating web pages and publishing online for web visitors.

Web design is an important aspect when it comes to setting up a website. It is what contributes to the aesthetic portion and usability of your site.

As a website owner with no programming knowledge, you have two options for web design; getting a customized design by a web designer or using a website builder.


Web designer vs web builder.

You may be wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, here’s it:

A web designer is the brain behind the creative looks of a website. These are people who use softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator to create pages, layouts and images which grab the attention of website visitors.

More tech savvy designers, known as web developers, use coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Java Script to give functionality to the site. When you choose a web designer, you get a design that’s unique to your site.


A web builder, on the other hand, is a tool that substitutes design and programming knowledge. The platform relies on pre-set functions and themes. Using the drag and drop editor, almost anyone can create their own website design.


Types of design layouts

The two most common layouts for a website are static page layout and responsive website layout.

  1. Static page layout

This design offers a fixed width to website content. It cannot be changed or adjusted to meet different web browser or device needs. It however loads faster then other forms because of the little code input.


  1. Responsive website layout

It is dynamic in nature, able to adapt to browser or device size. With this kind of layout, there’s great user experience.

Here are some of the companies in Nigeria that provide web design services:

  • Truehost Cloud
  • Web4Africa
  • DomainKing
  • Registream
  • SmartWeb
  • Hostnownow


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