Domain Names

Domain Names


If you think of a web host as the space where you store all your web stuff- files and all, then your domain is the address to the house.

A domain is made up of a string of numbers known as the IP address. Each computer in has its own unique IP address that when searched, can only lead to one site.

Domains were created to save you the need to memorize a whole code of numbers. In place it, a naming system was developed. That means you only have to remember the name of a website to locate it on the URL bar.


What are the levels of domain Names?

Domains can be categorized based on the levels. These include the following:


  1. Top-level domain Names

These are the highest in the domain naming system hierarchy. They represent the name that comes after the last dot in a domain. In, for example, .com is the top-level domain. They can make part or whole of a domain extension.

Top-level domains can be further categorized as generic, country-code or sponsored.

  • Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are generic in nature. They are the most common domains as they have no major restrictions attached to their use.They include .com, .info, .org, .biz among others.
  • Country-code TLDs represent a specific region or country. Examples include .ng for Nigeria, .ke for Kenya, .za for South Africa, and .CA for Canada.
  • Sponsored TLDs are usually related to specific niches and their use is therefore limited. Examples are such as .gov, .edu, and .ac.


  1. Second-level domain names

These come immediately after top-level domains. They are found on the left of the TLDs. In the domain,, ‘example’ is a second-level domain. There can also be country-code SLDs. An example is in


  1. Third-level domain /Sub-domain names

Third-level domains are found on the left of second-level domains. They can also be referred to as sub-domains. Say for instance you have a website, ‘my’ and decide to operate a blog, the site will read as ‘’. The ‘blog’ becomes the sub-domains in this case. The most common third-level domain is www, which stands for world wide web.


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  • SmartWeb
  • AfeesHost
  • Garanntor
  • Host Vision
  • Tucana
  • Go4Hosting
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