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NIRA When you set up a site and get a unique name for it, what we call a domain, all your registration details are kept and managed by a registry. ...

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What is WhatsApp Web

What is WhatsApp Web With WhatsApp getting popular by the day, it only makes sense that a web version of the service was developed. Especially for organizations, using WhatsApp on ...

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Web hosting in Lagos

Web hosting in Lagos As you think of starting a company or growing your personal brand, creating a website should be among the first things on your mind. A website ...

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Hosting companies in Nigeria

Hosting companies in Nigeria When starting out on building a company, organization or a personal brand, the one thing you need is online presence. With the kind of fraud that ...

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BlogSpot When you’re intent on creating a blog without paying for a domain provider or a hosting platform, BlogSpot has the solution. BlogSpot is a free domain service provider owned ...

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