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Cheapest G Suite provider in Nigeria

Cheapest G Suite provider in Nigeria

In this article, you will learn about the best way to organize your work life and business using G-suite in Nigeria.

This is the ultimate software you need to streamline your collaborations with the team, facilitate meaningful connections with the customers and most importantly, help your business grow well.

Additionally, I will reveal the cheapest G-suite provider in Nigeria.


Because let’s face it, almost every aspect of your business is an expense.

Take the employees, for example, you are paying them salaries and overtime wages in some instances. On the other hand, the landlord is here demanding office rent, not to mention the government with taxes.

With all these expenses, your productivity and communications suffer. And to revive it, you will need a software solution.

The question is what happens when all the available options are expensive?

We believe that as an individual or a business, you don’t have to pay hefty costs to improve your business. That’s why we have one of the cheapest g-suite subscriptions all over Nigeria as you will see later.

For now, let’s dive deeper into understanding G-suite.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a collection of tools developed and managed by Google meant for business, collaborations, productivity, and education. All of these tools are assembled into one piece of software that you can access through the cloud.

On the basic level, G Suite comprises of Gmail, Drive, Sites, Slides, Hangouts, Forms, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, and Keep.

G Suite first hit the market 12 years ago as ‘Google Apps for Your Domain’. At that time, it only had Google Talk, Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Page Creator (now known as Sites).

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Two months later, Google for education was also added.

Over the last decade, Google has been working round the clock. And now, they have added several new tools including crucial updates to its application suite.

In 2016, Google performed a branding overhaul. Google Apps was rebranded to what you know today as G Suite. This was followed closely by the release of the first-ever hardware product: the Jamboard.

It is also worth noting that, G Suite platform comes with a G Suite Marketplace. This was added back in 2010 to help users download and install additional (third-party) cloud apps to G Suite.

With that said, you are now up to date with what G Suite is and its journey to this day.

By 2019, G Suite had over 5 million paying customers raving over its simplicity and functionality.

I know what you might be thinking, “who are these customers?”

Well, I’ll answer your question in the next section. Continue reading.

Who is/should be using G Suite in Nigeria?

There are only two people who will benefit from using G Suite:

  1. Individuals
  2. Businesses

That’s right.

G Suite tools, as we will see later, are all tailored to make your life easier.

If you are an individual looking for ways to take back control of your life and work, here’s the cheapest G Suite provider in Nigeria.

Corporations who need to manage teams working on projects or looking for a way to seamlessly connect with overseas executives, G Suite has the answer.

However, you should know the following.

While these services are available for free for G Suite consumers, there are premium features such as customized email addresses at a domain, for example, [email protected]

Running out of storage? Are you looking for safe and reliable storage?  With G Suite, you have an option to acquire unlimited cloud storage.

Get this; this is Google data centers we are talking about. Your data is instantly saved and synchronized to different data servers for backup purposes. This means that in case one server fails, others take their place so you do not lose your data.

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Additionally, the annoying advert is a thing of the past. Because, first, G Suite doesn’t serve ads to its users and secondly, they do not sell your account information for advertisement purposes either.

Having said that, in the following section, we will discuss what you get when you subscribe to G Suite in Nigeria.

G Suite products

G Suite has a variety of products for both individuals and businesses use.

Actually, you can access most of these products with your Google account (tab the menu located top right corner), though you may need to install some of them as Google Chrome extensions to enjoy full access.

G Suite in Nigeria

Google Gmail

Google Gmail is G Suite email software.

Since its launch in 2004, it has attracted over 1 billion users spread globally.

With G Suite plan, you can access:

  • 30GB of cloud storage
  • Custom email addresses ([email protected])
  • Unlimited email addresses for your employees
  • Access to 24/7 support through phone or email
  • Add-ons available on G Suite Marketplace to improve your email communications


Google Drive

Google launched Drive in 2012 as a cloud storage platform. It is available across several devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. You can sync files across all these devices.

With Google Drive, you can manage company content and even collaborate across the company.

  • View various file formats without the need to download additional software
  • Depending on the G Suite plan, enjoy 30GB, 1TB, unlimited storage per user
  • View audit and report insights for Drive content and sharing
  • Advanced admin control

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Added back in 2006, these tools are equivalent to the word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation programs.

With these products, you can:

  • Collaborate in real-time without the need for sending the documents back and forth for editing within the team
  • Save changes automatically and track revision history
  • Insert comments, suggest edits, communicate through the built-in chat feature, and even create templates to use in future
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With G Suite plan, enjoy unlimited tracking of revisions among other crucial features.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an equivalent of Evernote: G Suite note-taking program.

Use Keep creating, organizing and sharing images, voice notes, documents to several devices. It is available as a mobile app and also Chrome download.

With the G Suite plan, you can seamlessly integrate Keep with Google docs.

Google Sites

This is a G Suite website builder.

No coding knowledge and want to build a website? No problem.

Google Site allows you to build a unique, beautiful, and professional website with little to no web design skills.

Additionally, you can deploy beautiful landing pages websites using available templates.

Google Hangouts

Formerly known as Google Talk, Hangouts is a G Suite communication and chatting tool. It supports voice, text, and video conversations.

With G Suite plan, you get:

  • Seamless integration with Google Calendar
  • Screen sharing tools
  • Intelligent muting features as well as autofocus
  • Save live streams automatically in your YouTube channel


Google Calendar

This is G Suite online calendar.

You can integrate it with Gmail to sync appointments, meetings, schedules, and to-do lists.

G Suite plan comes with

  • Smart scheduling where employees can see free time of coworkers’ calendars
  • Public calendars so that your customers can see the company’s events
  • Google Groups calendars
  • Meeting rooms calendars as well as shared resources among other features


Google Forms

Google Forms is a tool used to create web forms and collect surveys. It shares many features as Docs, Sheets, and Slides such as automatic saving, real-time collaboration, and use of templates.

To collect information using Google Forms, you can:

  1. Personalize survey questions
  2. Send the participants link to the form
  3. Review the data collected

G Suite for business in Nigeria: what to do next

There’s no doubt G Suite will add value to your business.

You can think of it as the ‘pocket knife’ of business – allows you to collaborate, do marketing and sales, organize, and improve productivity.

If you are looking for the cheapest G Suite provider in Nigeria, follow this link to learn more.

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