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This article will talk about VPS for WordPress in Nigeria.

Web hosting in Nigeria can be categorized based on the subdivision of the web server and the operating system installed.

With the former, you get shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting in Nigeria.

For example;

Shared hosting means you are sharing the hosting resources with other users under the same roof.

Think of it like a rented apartment.

The occupants share amenities from the kitchen to washrooms.

It is cheap to live in there, after all, y’all sharing expenses.

But there is one problem

What happens when one of your roommates is having guests?

You will suffer because they will require more resources. And since you are sharing, they will take a huge chunk of your share.

The alternative is kicking everyone out and getting the whole server for yourself.

As much as that may sound like fun, wait for the bill to arrive.

Dedicated hosting is the best option, but not for everyone.

VPS hosting in Nigeria tries to solve this issue.

The host applies virtualization on the server and the result is several mini-servers capable of running their own OS.

With VPS, it is like you are under a dedicated server and paying the cost of a shared server (maybe a little higher, but you get the idea).

And then there is Windows and Linux hosting in Nigeria.

Simply, Windows is a server running Windows OS, and Linux is running, you guessed it, a Linux OS.

Windows hosting is perfect for those who wish to create Windows applications like ASP.NET websites.

On the other hand, Linux is a pretty common web hosting in Nigeria.

Almost all the hosting providers are running such OS.

It is free and open-source. As such, very affordable.

WordPress hosting in Nigeria

We have covered pretty much every type of web hosting in Nigeria, though in brief.

Then there WordPress web hosting.

This is a type of hosting where the server has been configured to fit WordPress websites.

As you already know, WordPress is the most popular CMS system not only here in Nigeria, but also around the world.

In fact, wordpress powers over 30% of the entire web.


WordPress is free and open-source.

Anyone can improve on it, and that is how we got things like themes and plugins.

While themes help add glamour and taste to your website in Nigeria, plugins help improve functionality.

Is there something you’d wish your site would do and have no idea how to make it work?

There is probably a plugin for that, keep looking.

That is the beauty of using WordPress.

One problem with WordPress in Nigeria

With all the niceness and zero charges, WordPress is not easy to use.

Well, yes, you just have to download and install it on your domain.

That is the easy part.

Think of wordpress as a plain canvas.

Someone hands it to you and be like, hey dude, create a website with that.

And with your confused eyes, you say thank you even though you have no freaking idea where to start.

That is where VPS for WordPress hosting in Nigeria comes in.

Imagine having access to a plug-and-play hosting where all you have to do is get a domain.

What you get from VPS for WordPress in Nigeria

Again, wordpress hosting in Nigeria is a hosting environment configured to support only wordpress websites.

What does that mean?

It means that you get;

  • Faster speeds. VPS for WordPress hosting just plain offers better hardware specs, which means a speedier WordPress site.
  • Server-side caching. Caching is one of the biggest things you can do to speed up your WordPress site. Typically you need a plugin to handle it but managed WordPress hosts give you better caching with zero work on your end.
  • Better security. You’ll get WordPress-specific firewalls, as well as regular malware scans and intrusion detection. All that jargon means a significantly more secure WordPress site.
  • Staging sites. Many managed hosts offer staging sites that allow you to easily test changes to your site before you make them live.

Where can you get it?

To get VPS for wordpress in Nigeria, visit this page.


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