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Why do companies register multiple domain names to one IP address?

Multiple domain names are registered to one IP Address, for reasons below: If the domain owner has dedicated one IP Address to all his domains such as  When the ...

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How can I make a new email address?

To make a new email address, would recommend having a new domain name. With a new domain name you create email address for the new name. Also if there is ...

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ng business

Would you ever build your business on anything other than a .com domain?

Yes,you can build the business on country level domains such as The domain for business builds trust within Nigeria making your Nigeria’s business more viable. explains further ...

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Where can I get free or cheap SSL certificates from?

Cheap SSL certificate can be got at Rates are as low as $3.99 for single domain ssl For Multi-domain SSL rates are as low as $33,99 For wildcard ssl ...

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How can I get a free SSL certificate?

To get free ssl-certificates-in-nigeria , place order and proceed to installation. SSL Certificates in Nigeria Free SSL is also available to those who obtain web hosting on link   

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