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Domain Name Privacy Protection: Everything You Need To Know

Domain Name Privacy Protection

Looking to learn what Domain Name Privacy Protection is and how it works? Then, we have written this article just for you. We explore everything one needs to know about Domain Name Privacy Protection: what it is, why you may need it, how it works, how much it protects your website, and how to get it.

Let’s dive in.

What is Domain Name Privacy Protection?

During the registration of a domain name, you provide your personal details. These personal details are then stored on a public database called WHOIS. The WHOIS database is available to anyone all over the world.

Domain Name Privacy Protection is simply a service that helps you protect those personal details from public view. It was created to secure your information that is on the WHOIS database upon domain registration.

Domain Name Privacy Protection gives website owners like you an option to keep your personal details hidden from the view of the rest of the world. This “add-on” service is important to give you a much-needed sense of privacy and to protect you from spam and other cyberattacks.

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Since its a protection of your details on the WHOIS database, Domain Name Privacy Protection is also called WHOIS protection

Why should you get Domain Name Privacy Protection

Nowadays, as a result of increasing cyberattacks, more and more people are opting to protect their personal details through WHOIS protection. These are some of the main reasons why you should do too:

1. Protection of Your Personal Information:

It is compulsory that you put in your personal information when registering a domain name. Immediately you do that, your details are made publicly available on the WHOIS database. In this age and time where cyberattacks like spamming and identity theft are becoming serious issues online, that is a huge risk you can’t afford. With Domain Name Privacy Protection in place, you can insulate yourself from such vulnerabilities.

2. Prevent spam and unsolicited emails

When your email is in the public domain, it can be accessed by people of all kinds looking to sell things fo all kinds. This will l lead to a lot of emails in your inbox from people who are looking to sell things of all kinds. In fact, you will be targetted by specific people looking to offer you different services from marketing to pornography to scams. To protect your inbox from such invaders, a Domain Name Privacy Protection is needed.

With WHOIS protection, we will input an alias email on the WHOIS database rather than your original email. This way, you are insulated from spam and phishing attempts.

3. Control over your personal information

When you purchase the WHOIS protection addon, you maintain full control of who has access to your private details. This makes sure your details are only shared with people who you want.

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4. Your website is more secured

With your personal details open to everyone, hackers can build up from there till they find a loophole to infiltrate your website. In fact, they could hack into your domain settings areas and transfer the domain out of your control without your knowledge. Using WHOIS protection protects your website from this.

5. Protect your information from your competitors

When your information is accessible to everyone, it easier for your competitors to follow you and have the information they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In today’s business world, this information can prove very expensive to your brand. Although it is not very probable that your competitors will do something harmful with that info, it is better you save yourself from the risk.

Does Domain Name Privacy Protection Protect You Fully?

The job of the Domain Name Privacy Protection service is to hide your info on the WHOIS database. It will make sure nobody can steal your mail or personal info via that platform.

However, some cybercriminals are more focused and may go to extra mile to get to you. If your website is for your portfolio or your business brand, your details will be on the website for all to see. So it is still in the purview of some cybercriminals.

However, the scale of attacks you will be exposed to via the WHOIS database can’t be compared to that of your website. So, just like every other security or privacy arrangement, the WHOIS privacy isn’t 100% safe but it does protect you to a great extent. So, it is worth having.

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Is Domain Name Privacy Protection Available For All Domains?

No, you can’t hide your domain for some domain extensions. They include:, and .xn--3ds443g. 

Every other extension can be protected.

How do I get domain privacy?

Getting domain privacy is as easy as it gets. Most domain registrars and web hosting companies offer it as part of their services. This makes sense as WHOIS protection is added only to a domain.

At Truehost Nigeria, there are two ways you can get Domain Name Privacy Protection. They are:

While registering your domain

When you have chosen a domain name that perfectly suits your business or brand, you then have the option to add domain privacy as an add-on. You will find the option to choose it just before you finally check out. Choosing WHOIS protection as an add-on will as you can expect cost you a bit more, so be prepared.

Add to your existing Domain

If you didn’t add WHOIS protection when you were registering your domain, then this option is the best for you. All you need to do is log into your Truehost Client Area, you will find an option to add WHOIS protection to your domain.

Of course, it is best to add your WHOIS protection from scratch, this is also a great option.

How much does WHOIS protection cost?

Our WHOIS protection service costs 1,500 Naira only.

Register your domain with us now

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