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NIRA When you set up a site and get a unique name for it, what we call a domain, all your registration details are kept and managed by a registry. ...

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GoDaddy   Address: Holborn, London EC4A 3TW, United Kingdom Contact: 020 7084 1810   GoDaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting provider that was founded in 1997 by Bob ...

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ng business

Would you ever build your business on anything other than a .com domain?

Yes,you can build the business on country level domains such as The domain for business builds trust within Nigeria making your Nigeria’s business more viable. explains further ...

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Cheap Domain Names in Nigeria

Cheap Domain Names in Nigeria Registering your domain name is crucial to reserving a space for your website on the world web. There are numerous names in use already and ...

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Top 7 Domain Registrars in Nigeria

Top 7 Domain Registrars in Nigeria To claim a place for your website online, you have to register your domain name with an accredited registrar. Registration ensures you pick a ...

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