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11 Best Tips for Choosing a Portfolio Domain Name in Nigeria

As creating a portfolio website is important, so is choosing a domain name for the website. Failure to choose a good domain name for your website can affect your website traffic.

As you already know, a portfolio website is a website that describes what you do. For example, a freelance writer’s portfolio website will show samples of content written by him or her, and a website designer’s portfolio website will show samples of websites he or she has designed.

Having a portfolio website shows proof of your expertise in your area of work. When prospective clients see the sample work on your website, it will further convince them to work with you.

Now, how does the portfolio domain name affect your website traffic? The way the domain name appears says a lot, if it’s difficult to pronounce or write, it will have a negative effect and vice versa.

So, key tips can be followed to make your domain name more appealing to your target audience. These tips are what this post will explain to you, so keep reading. 

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Tips for choosing a portfolio domain

1. Include keywords

keywords are important for choosing a portfolio domain

Keywords are words that describe what your business is all about. So, if you are a freelance writer, your portfolio domain name should have keywords like write and writer. 

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When your domain name has industry keywords, it will help people easily understand the purpose of the website and it will also help search engines too, which will improve its SEO performance.

Therefore, while choosing a domain name, put into consideration the keywords of your industry.

2. Easy to type

The name of your website should be easy to type, don’t use a name that could lead to misspellings 

Some people can be tempted to use ambiguous names, thinking it will give their business a good presentation, not knowing the reverse.

Make it simple. Consider the domain name of some well-known brands we have in the world today, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Amazon, etc. They are all simple and easy to type.

So, it is advisable that you do the same thing, so as to make it easy for clients to type your domain name in their web browsers.

3. Keep it short

The shorter your domain name the better. If it’s too long it’s not good, and if it’s too short, it’s not good either. Let there be a balance.

Let it simply represent your business brand. If you observe the domain names of the brands mentioned in the previous point you will realise that they are all short.

The point remains that your domain name should be short and still meaningful.

4. Make it unique

The uniqueness of your domain name goes a long way in creating a lasting impression in the hearts of your prospective clients. Use a make that is simple yet unique. 

A name like Uber is simple and unique. Wherever Uber is heard of today, what comes to people’s minds is a modern means of transportation. Do you understand?

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That’s how a portfolio domain name should be; let it have a distinct impression in the heart of people.

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5. Use a domain generator

If you find it difficult to come up with a name, you can use a domain generator. A domain generator will give you options for you to pick from.

All you have to do is insert a seed keyword into the domain generator bar and it will bring out a list of available names for you to select, if you are not okay with it, you can still input a different seed keyword to generate more options.

A seed keyword is a word you put into a domain generator to generate names related to it.

6. Make it easy to pronounce

Don’t use a portfolio domain name that will make people bite their tongue, just to pronounce it. 

Let it be simple, easy to pronounce and type.

7. Avoid dashes and numbers

When you include dashes and numbers in your domain name, it can lead to confusion and misspellings. 

Having dashes and numbers can make it difficult for people to type your portfolio domain name into their browsers correctly.

Omitting one word from a website domain name can lead to error messages. This means visitors won’t be able to reach your website easily.

8. Avoid copyright infringement 

When you use a domain name without researching its history, there’s a tendency for you to choose a domain name that is affiliated with another company. 

Therefore, making ample findings after finding a domain name is important and should not be neglected.

9. Choose the right domain extension

The domain extension you choose to use also has an effect on your website traffic. Having a .com domain extension is the best option for your portfolio website.

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Because it is the most used domain extension, people easily recognize it.

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10. Avoid doubled letters

Using double-lettered words in your domain name can affect you because the tendency for people to miss letters while typing your domain name in their browser increases.

So, try to avoid having doubled letters as much as you can.

11. Consider the future

When choosing your domain name, you need to look carefully into the future, is there a tendency for you to expand your business offerings?

If there’s that possibility, then you need to use a less specific name. For example, if you offer website design and writing skills, and you see the option of adding SEO skills in future then your portfolio website domain should be wider than writing or Website design.

You can use your full name if it’s available or a less specific domain name, as the case may be.

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Importance of creating a portfolio website

1. You will be able to present your work to your potential clients

Having a portfolio website makes it easy for you to show your work to potential clients in a simple, clean and beautiful way.

They will be able to see you beyond a resume, the proof on your website will show that you know what you are doing. 

2. You can easily update your work

Anytime you create content for new customers you can easily add them to the catalogue of work on your websites without stress.

3. Your visibility online will be increased

People can Google you and find you online through your portfolio website.

4. It is a professional way of showing your work

A portfolio website presents you as an expert in your field and boosts your credibility. 

Where to register a domain

There are lots of domain registrars you can use to buy your domain name but we recommend Truehost because you will get your domain at an affordable price.


We have been able to establish the importance of choosing a portfolio domain name rightly and having a website portfolio website. 

Therefore, you should be ready to register your domain and design your website to increase your online visibility.

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