domain name domain name

This is a country code second level domain(ccTLD) in Nigeria that is open for commercial and businesses entities.

How to domain name in Nigeria

  1. Identify a domain registrant accredited by NIRA to domains.
  2. Make a list of the possible names that would identify your company or business.
  3. Enter a preferred domain name in the box to check for its availability for registration.
  4. Complete the registration process by making payments using Naira currency.


Advantages of domain in Nigeria

Businesses that register in Nigeria are ranked first on the search engine. You enjoy a fast search engine ranking with goggle and increase the local traffic online. domain for a business give users trust and confidence to work with you. domain is managed by Nigeria registration association (NIRA).

Saves the business revenue domains are cheap and affordable. Payments are done in Naira currency.

If you host your website locally you will enjoy high speed performance in loading your website. Unlike foreign hosting that may have delays in loading due to the server location in different data centers.

With domain, you can easily reach your local domain registrant to provide technical support physically.

Most companies that provide additional hosting services to make you present online.

Services available for domain name

  • Free SSL certificate with every domain name to provide a trusted environment for websites to operate on.
  • Free domain name server or name servers with every domain to boost your website performance before any traffic reaches it.
  • Free emails with for both professional and personalized email addresses.
  • Web hosting services to make your business visible and accessible via the world wide web.

Companies that domains in Nigeria

Registeram – .ng

WhoGoHost – .ng

TrueHost Cloud Nigeria –






Domain King.











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