Domain name registration in Lagos

Domain name registration in Lagos, Nigeria

Almost 200 million people living in Nigeria, about 91 million people connected to the internet as at 2017.These are huge numbers by any standards. That makes Nigeria number 7 in the world after China, India  USA, Brazil, Japan, and Russia.

These numbers makes Nigeria a top market for domain name in the world. Unfortunately the market for domain name in Nigeria has not lived to these expectations. A while ago, NIRA was registering about 3300 .NG domains a month. This is poor, but its improving and encouraging.

Truehost Cloud Nigeria venture into Nigeria cloud computing market with interest in domain name registration is a clear indicator to this. At Truehost Cloud Nigeria we want to be part of the process to grow this number to past 10000 in a month in the next few months since Nigeria has got that potential.

Register .NG domain Name at Truehost Cloud Nigeria, host as well with us – we provide the best cloud hosting services for Small and Medium businesses in Nigeria.

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