Cheapest Email Hosting in Nigeria

Cheapest Email Hosting in Nigeria

One of the ways to add professionalism to your brand is getting paid email hosting. A premium business email not only boost your credibility, it is a reliable and efficient way to store your email files. In case of any tragedy due to virus attacks, hacks or even forgetting your password, your mind will be at ease knowing that all important data is well kept.

What is Email hosting?

Email hosting involves storing your email databases and files remotely in a server owned by a third-pary. The advantages over free versions include the following:

  • Professionalism
  • More disc space
  • Free of annoying ads
  • Customized domain
  • Better customer support
  • Better email management features


When it comes to prices, email hosting is cheaper when little storage space is required. You will come across tier plans as well as fixed options. Here is a list of companies with the cheapest email hosting in Nigeria:


  1. Hostnet

Plan name: Business Email 1 (BE-1)

Price: N100/month

Email accounts: 1-5 (Tier)


  1. SmartWeb

Plan name: Business Email

Price: N400/email/month

Emails: Up to 5 accounts

Storage: 5GB/email


  1. Whogohost

Plan name: BE Level 1

Price: $1.40 per email monthly

Email accounts: 1-5

Storage: 5GB per account


  1. Garanntor

Plan name: GE-Nano

Price: N1750/month

Email accounts: 5

Storage: 2GB


  1. Truehost Cloud

Plan name: Mail Server 1

Price: N3200/month


Price: $1 per account / month

Email accounts: 20

Storage: 20GB


  1. Hostketcom

Plan name: Bronze

Price: N7500/year

Email accounts: 8

Disc Space: 200mb

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