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How to use a Domain Name Checker

Domain name checker

Imagine if you had to share a domain name with thousands of other people? It would be difficult for visitors to locate your specific website, wouldn’t it? That’s why the domain name checker exists.

A domain name checker is a tool that enables you to assess whether a name that you want to register for your website is available or not. If the name is already in use by a different entity, then you will have to register with a different one.

How to use a domain name checker

Using a domain name checker is as easy as typing the name you desire on the tool and click on search. You can also type in keywords in the case of domain generator tools to get a name suggested for you. If the name is available, you can go ahead and register it at the cost indicated.

In case the name you had in mind is already taken, you have the option of choosing a different extension for the same name. For example, instead of which you may find is not available, you can settle for if not taken. Just be sure that the domain would not create confusion to your target audience when they search for you.

Where can you get a domain name checker?

Whereas you have the option to check directly on Whois Lookup for information on registered domains, a domain name checker tool is a quick and convenient way to confirm availability. The service is offered free of charge by most web hosts and domain name registrars. Some of the domain registrars that you can look out for include the following:

  • Truehost Cloud Nigeria
  • Garanntor
  • Hostnownow
  • Domain King
  • Whogohost
  • Afeeshost
  • RegisterAm
  • Host Vision
  • Smartweb
  • Tucana
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