WordPress hosting in Nigeria

WordPress hosting in Nigeria

When you’ve finally had your website up, next thing you’ll need to do is add content. A good content management system (CMS) like WordPress can help create a professionally looking site without any programming background.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is the kind of hosting that is optimized to better meet WordPress’ needs. In simple terms, the host server has to meet some requirements which include support for PHP 7.3+, MySQL 5.6+, and HTTPS.

The technologies make it easy for you to operate your WordPress website. Hence, you will hardly encounter any functionality issues such as slow loading.

There are a number of companies offering WordPress hosting in Nigeria. Here are some of the best providers and their WordPress starter packages:


  1. Truehost Cloud

Plan name: 1 site

Price: N300/month

Disc Space: 30GB

Websites: 1

Email accounts: Unlimited


  1. Garanntor

Plan name: WP-Nano

Price: N600/month

Disc Space: 10GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Websites: 1


  1. Whogohost

Plan name: Beginner

Price: $4.46 monthly

Disc Space: 10GB

Bandwidth: 100GB monthly

Websites: 0 additional


  1. MOZ Domains

Plan name: Blog basic

Price: N1452/month

Disc Space: Unlimited

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Email accounts: 2


  1. Web hosting Magic

Plan name: Adaptive Origin

Price: N483.10/month

Disc Space: 5GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Email accounts: 50


  1. SkyTech NG

Plan name: Basic Plus Plan

Price: N4000/yr

Disc Space: 4GB

Bandwidth: 20GB

Website: 1

Email accounts: Unlimited


  1. SmartWeb

Plan name: WP-Starter

Price: N3000/month

Disc Space: 5GB

Website: 1


  1. Host Vision

Plan name: Personal

Price: $25 per month

Disc Space: 100GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Websites: 5 additional


  1. e-Cafe hosting

Plan name: WP-Mini

Price: N7000/year

Disc Space: 5GB

Bandwidth: 1TB

Email accounts: Unlimited


  1. Datalex Nigeria Limited

Plan name: Starter

Price: N20000/yearly

Disc Space: 10000GB

Bandwidth: 20GB

Websites: 1

Email accounts: 25

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