Month: June 2018

How to get https for my website in Nigeria

Https means secure http connection Https means website communications are encrypted and are channeled through port 443 instead of the ordinary port 80, thus secure transfer of data. How to ...

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How to Get Free Webhosting in Nigeria

Web hosting companies in Nigeria have made it easier to go online. The cost of hosting – web hosting and email hosting has go down to affordable level for any ...

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Cheapest way to host your new website in Nigeria

The cheapest cost of hosting your new website in Naija could be as low as 2800 Naira or equivalent to 233 Naira per month…. With 233 Naira you have a ...

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How to get Free SSL Certificate in Nigeria

There are several ways of getting Free SSL Certificate for your website in Nigeria. Order Gold Web hosting or Platinum Webhosting at Truehost Cloud. Gold Web hosting package cost 12000 ...

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Why you need an SSL certificate for your website in Nigeria

This article covers advantages of using SSL certificate to your website in Nigeria today. Data Security – Data Encryption Every bit of data transferred from a SSL Secured Website is ...

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