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The Cheapest Way to Host your New Website in Nigeria (2021 Guide)

The Cheapest Way to Host your New Website in Nigeria

Cheapest way to host your new website in Nigeria

We’ve written this article specially for anyone looking for the cheapest way to host your new website in Nigeria. In the article, we introduce TrueHost Cloud, a company committed to providing domain registration and web hosting in Nigeria at the cheapest rates.

We are aware that for your business to get more customers and show credibility nowadays, you need a digital presence. It is also understood that one of the best ways to get a strong digital presence is by having a great website. Having a website that functions well lies on the shoulders of your web hosting company. However, you do not want to spend too much on getting a web host.

When choosing a web hosting plan, it is important to consider factors that will affect performance and speed such as bandwidth, space, and memory.

However, you do not need to go over your budget. You just have to choose the best service that is reliable, fast, and still within your budget. To do this, for a business in Nigeria, you have to go all out to find the most affordable web hosting in Nigeria.

To help you achieve this, TrueHost Cloud is offering you the cheapest way to host your new website on a platter of gold.

Steps to get the cheapest hosting in Nigeria

  • Go to Truehost Cloud Nigeria

  • Search your business domain name from the domain name search bar.

  • The bar will give multiple options on the domain indicating their availability.

  • Pay special attention to – domain extension is the best domain name extension for your website in Nigeria. apply to most use cases including commercial businesses and general enterprises.

  • This domain will cost you just 2800 Naira per year or equivalent to 233 Naira per month.

  • Then add the Free Bronze Webhosting Package at no additional cost.

  • Checkout and complete the order, paying in Naira with your favorite payment mode- bank transfer, card checkout, ATM transfer or Bank Deposit, or even USSD.


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Cheapest Web hosting in Nigeria
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