Why you need an SSL certificate for your website in Nigeria

This article covers advantages of using SSL certificate to your website in Nigeria today.

Data Security – Data Encryption

Every bit of data transferred from a SSL Secured Website is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

Encryption of data during transmission ensures secure data transfer thus preserving data integrity and safeguarding the data against data loss.


Trust is one of the most important quality of SSL certificates. SSL Certificates are issued by Trusted third party organizations (Certification Authority (CA)) who perform due diligence to ascertain credibility of the website secured by the SSL certificates.

This is why there are different levels of SSL Certificate with (EV) Extended Validation or Green Bar SSL having the highest level – it also takes rigorous organization validation before issue.

Domain Validation (DV) is the lowest level of SSL, it doesn’t perform any organization validation – it just validate domain ownership.


PCI Compliance

PCI – refer to Payment Card Industry standards, to comply with PCI you require to have installed and be using SSL certificate. Any website that provides card checkout must be PCI compliant.


SSL Certificate provides authentication service during data transfer. SSL checks and ensures data is being transmitted to the right server. SSL certificate employ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure authenticated data transfer, ensuring the data is not intercepted by imposters. Premium SSL certificate such as (EV) Extended Validation require more validation than other SSL certificates.



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