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Backup software in Nigeria

Backup software in Nigeria

Truehost Cloud has just launched the best cloud backup software in Nigeria for businesses, professionals and organizations to safeguard their data from data loss, hardware failure, hardware theft, and ransomware and virus attacks.

Truehost Cloud Backup Software utilizes a cutting edge Data Backup Software and reliable cloud storage to deliver a complete package.

Truehost Cloud Data Backup Software perform disk imaging or disk cloning operations, archival backup, incremental backup with great success and speed.

Type of devices protected by Truehost Backup Software

  • Windows Laptops
  • Windows Desktop Computers
  • MacBooks
  • Tablets
  • Ipads
  • Iphones
  • Android Phones
  • Virtual Private Servers and VMs
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Applications such as MSSQL, MS Exchange, Office365


Why Backup Data Online..?

Data protection from Hardware Failure

Computer hard disks are vulnerable and easily fail and likely leads to data loss on failure. Deploy a cloud backup solution that safely stores the data in the cloud, in case you hardware failure, just restore data backup from the cloud to the new device in a click.

Data Backup protection from Hardware Theft.

Loss of devices such as Laptops, MacBooks, Phones can lead to loss of important data. In case you have important data in form of documents, photos, software among others – consider deploying a cloud backup software that will safely store the files remotely and allow secure restore when needed.

Data Backup Protection from Ransomware and Virus attack.

Cyber criminals have targeted businesses and organizations with rogue virus and ransomware attacks with devastating impacts. Truehost Backup Solution is Ransomware –proof and virus-proof, data stored in Truehost Cloud Backup is safe from Ransom and Virus. Deploy Truehost Data Backup software today and stay safe from Virus and Ransomware.

Cloud Backup for Bulk data Transfer / Disk Cloning / Device Cloning

Do you deal with bulk data in your computers and servers and even phones? Do you need to transfer the data to a new device without changing file system or the state of data in the old device? Truehost Cloud Backup allow device cloning that copies all the files and data in one device to another in a click with remarkable speed.

Who is using the Truehost Cloud Backup Software? Truehost Cloud Data Backup Software Clients include:

  • Universities
  • Companies
  • Webhosting Companies
  • Schools
  • Professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, and Traders
  • Design Offices
  • Manufacturing Companies

Try out Truehost Cloud Data Backup Software today.

Professional Data Backup Software

[ARPrice id=133]


Enterprise and Business Data Backup Software

[ARPrice id=134]

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