Comodo SSL Certificates & Sectigo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL Certificates & Sectigo SSL Certificates

They include Wildcard SSL, Extend Validated SSL and Domain Validated SSL Certificates.

  1. Comodo Positive SSL Certificate // Sectigo Positive SSL Certificates

It a domain validated certificate that provides fast security for your website and is issued within 10 minutes to provide 256-bit encryption at a friendly cost.  It is backed by a comodo brand and is a solution for internal and testing domains which require fast and simple security. Has a warranty of $10000 and unlimited server licensing.

  1. Comodo EV SSL // Sectigo EV SSL

The Comodo Extended validation gives the highest standard of SSL. You can be able to show your security to every customer with the green bar browser that displays your company’s name next to the URL. The green bar assures the site visitors that their data is transmitted and encrypted up to 256-bit encryption in a secured environment. It is great for e-commerce, corporate, NGO or government websites. It provides full business validation and it takes 10 business days to be issued. Comodo EV SSL comes with a free dynamic site seal which you can display anyway in the site to show that your site is protected.

  1. Comodo positive SSL Wildcard //  Sectigo positive SSL Wildcard

Secures all multiple subdomains under a single manageable SSL Certificate over multiple servers.


  1. Comodo Essential SSL //  Sectigo Essential SSL

Essential SSL from Comodo are highly trusted in providing a quick cos-effective solution to secure your customer transactions. The certificates come with a padlock to assure your customers that your site is secure and 99.9% browser trust within 10 minutes.

  1. Comodo EV SSL Multi-Domain //  Sectigo EV SSL Multi-Domain

It combines the multi domain functionality with the positive SSL EV certificate to form an affordable certificate that provides industry encryption and activate the green bar up to 250 domains. The certificate comes with a $1000000 warranty and static Positive SSL trust seal.

  1. Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard //  Sectigo Essential SSL Wildcard

It secures unlimited domains on a single Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate on multiple servers. It provides a secure solution for all your subdomains.

  1. Comodo Instant SSL Premium //  Sectigo Instant SSL Premium

An instant Certificate increase the conversation rate by ensuring that information travelling over the internet is restricted to serve you and your customers transactions only and that no one else can have access to read or change any information as it travels over the internet.


  1. Comodo Multiple Domain //  Sectigo Multiple Domain

An excellent solution to secure and manage unlimited sub-domains over multiple domains with a single certificate. Suitable for e-commerce website, and payment pages.

  1. Comodo Code Signing Certificates //  Sectigo Code Signing Certificates

This certificate makes use of digital signatures to enable software developers include information about themselves and their code in the software. The end users who download the digital certificate can be sure that the code has not been corrupted or altered and originally comes from them.

  1. Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate //  Sectigo Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you save your money by securing all your domains and sub-domains with a single certificate, providing dedicated customer support and $250K warranty.

  1. Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL //  Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Preferred by companies with a lot of domain names on the same server to secure unlimited number of domains over multiple domains.

  1. Comodo InstantSSL pro //  Sectigo InstantSSL pro

Allows you and your customers complete transactions with the assurance that no one reads or change your information as it passes over the internet.

  1. Comodo Premium SSL // Sectigo Premium SSL

Secure unlimited number of sub-domains on your site.

  1. Comodo Unified Communications. //  Sectigo Unified Communications.

An affordable certificate meant to secure Microsoft exchange servers and similar software.



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