When you set up a site and get a unique name for it, what we call a domain, all your registration details are kept and managed by a registry. Nigeria Internet Registration Association is the registry for Nigeria’s country-code top level domain (ccTLD), that is, .ng.

Registry vs registrar vs registrant

  • Registry

A registry is a body or organization that maintains top-level domains and sub-domains under its authority. They create and set rules for the use of the domains.

For top-level domains (TLDs), we can have generic (gTLDs) or country-code (ccTLDs). Some gTLDs include .com, .net, and .info. Verisign is an example of a gTLD registry. The organization manages the .com domain.

Country-code TLDs are identified with a country, like for instance .ng for Nigeria, or .ca for Canada. NIRA falls in the category of ccTLD registries.

  • Registrar

A registrar is a company that sells the domains to the public. The organization has to be ICANN accredited in order to facilitate any registration, renewal or transfer of domains. Most registrars are usually internet service providers who also provide other services such as web hosting, email hosting among others. Examples of registrars include Truehost Cloud Nigeria, Garanntor, Web4Africa among others

  • Registrant

The registrant is the name holder of a domain that is registered in the database. The person owns the rights to use the domain for their website or email as they pay the required annual fee.

Roles of NIRA

Some of the roles of NIRA include:

  • Administration of the .ngTLD and associated sub-level domains like
  • Ensure cost-effective administration of the .ngTLD
  • Maintenance of security and reliability of the domain
  • Creating of rules governing the operations and allocations of the .ngTLD
  • Complaints handling for matters associated with administration of the .ngTLD
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