What is WhatsApp Web

What is WhatsApp Web

With WhatsApp getting popular by the day, it only makes sense that a web version of the service was developed. Especially for organizations, using WhatsApp on a PC makes it easier to communicate to clients and coworkers.

WhatsApp web vs WhatsApp desktop

The WhatsApp web is the web client that you open on your computer browser to operate the WhatsApp messaging service. The WhatsApp desktop on the other hand is an application that you download and install to your PC. Both act as an extension to your phone, reflecting the messages and conversations that are there on your mobile WhatsApp application.

How to use WhatsApp web

Using the WhatsApp web feature is pretty simple. All you need to do is to open your browser then go to https://web.whatsapp.com/. On the page, you’ll see a QR code. Scan with your phone to pair.

Here’s how to pair:

  • Open the WhatsApp on your phone
  • Tap menu or settings then select WhatsApp web/desktop
  • Point the phone to the computer screen to scan the QR code

Once paired, go ahead and use the web client. The web session will remain on for as long as the phone is connected to the internet.

How to log out from WhatsApp Web

Having the WhatsApp web client logged in throughout may pose a risk for your security or privacy. It is important that you log out once you are done with your web sessions. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open the application on the mobile device
  • Go to the settings icon and tap on WhatsApp web/desktop
  • Scroll and tap on log out



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