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Cloud Linux OS (Everything You Need To Know)

Last updated on December 8th, 2020 at 06:50 pm

Cloud Linux OS

Cloud Linux OS is designed for shared hosting providers and is developed by a software company as a Linux distribution to isolate each customer to a lightweight virtualized server to partition, allocate and limit server resources like the memory, resources, CPU and connections. It is based on the centos operating system and uses the OpenVZ kernel and rpm packager manager. Cloud Linux improves the server stability and server security by partitioning and limiting resources such as the CPU, Disk space and memory space for each website account.

Features of Cloud Linux OS


The lightweight virtualized environment is a kernel-based technology that isolates each user to own their own environment and provide the necessary resources that can be used by a specific website account. If a website hits the resource limit, it does not extend the problems to other websites hosted on the same server. Hence the website remains stable to support all website accounts each with a lightweight virtualized environment.


Users have access to shared files and resources on the server. With Cloud Linux OS, they cannot see other users on the server. It provides secure links technologies that prevent all known link attacks and virtualize users to their own file systems preventing any individual user from seeing any other user in the server. This enhances the security level of the server.

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Cloud Linux OS provide high stability and enhance server efficiency by creating hosting packages based on resource utilization and flexibility features. With a high level of security, clients enjoy safe shared hosting reducing the server maintenance cost. You can be sure of retaining your current customers as you attract more customers and make profitable returns.


Cloud Linux OS has a collection of powerful features that contribute greatly to the performance of your server. It features different PHP versions and has MySQL governor to monitor the server usage and track hackers to prevent them from overloading the server. This improves the overall performance of the server.

How to install the Cloud Linux OS

Cloud Linux OS is provided by almost all hosting providers in a shared environment. It is a Linux based operating system used in a shared environment to isolate each user in a lightweight virtualized environment. Cloud Linux OS is easy to install. You need to have a software activation key or an IP based license which is retrieved from the Cloud Linux Network. Cloud Linux install script detects the environment, the control panel, type of virtualization and the specific hardware to be used. To install the OS, you need to open your SSH connection to your server using your preferred SSH console application. Once your installation is complete, the server needs to be rebooted. To confirm that the server is running on the right kernel, the Cloud Linux kernel should contain the lightweight virtualized environment in it.

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Importance of Cloud Linux OS.

  1. It helps to secure the server from the website slow down caused by the activities of one or more websites.
  2. It separates the clients’ website from each other providing security and protection against malware attack to the clients’ website
  3. The lightweight virtualized environment protects the entire server from being affected when one website account goes down by controlling the amount of CPU or RAM that is used in running the operation within any server.
  4. It prevents hackers from getting access to any information or from accessing data from other users in the server.
  5. Cloud Linux is compatible with another interface like the control panel to allow users to access higher services.
  6. It is easy to convert another operating system to Cloud Linux OS. You can easily buy a license from any ordering platform to convert your OS to Cloud Linux OS

Cloud Linux has greatly offered several organizations reliable, easy, secure, flexible and affordable support in order to host their websites successfully.

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