Free web hosting in Nigeria

Truehost Nigeria is providing real free web hosting for Nigerians. It’s in line with our support for Nigerian startup and micro-businesses


Resources available from Truehost Nigeria Free Web hosting package include:

100GB Bandwidth for Transfer data

500MB disk space for file systems, database records and emails.

1 Email account, package allow you to create one email account.

1 Database – package allow creation of one database for your website.

1 FTP account, for developers using FTP client to upload files, bronze package allow 1 FTP account.

1 Subdomain – Truehost Free hosting allow for one subdomain account

1 domain name – the account also allow for one domain name registration.

Why is Truehost offering free web hosting?

At Truehost Nigeria we strongly believe that if more businesses develop in Nigeria, Truehost Nigeria will be one of the main beneficiaries and therefore we consider offering a premium bronze hosting package a long-term investment in the Nigerian Economy.

As a startup as well we remember our struggles to save every dime while starting up and we are therefore keen to help startups save.


Exhaust and Upgrade

What if I exhaust my resource or I need more

If any situation you need more resources, the solution is just a click away – upgrade to a package of choice by just a click. The advantage with Truehost Nigeria webhosting upgrade is that it bills on prorate­­­­ basis therefore you lose no money by upgrading.

Upgrade is also a great option since it doesn’t interfere with your website or application files, the upgrade option just increases your resources to a new level.


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All Nigerian

Startups and developers

Bronze Web hosting package at Truehost Nigeria is designed for startups. Startups can use Truehost bronze package to launch websites and email services.

Developers working on client’s websites have been using Truehost Bronze Package to develop and launch clients’ websites prior to their clients’ paying.

After the client pays, most developers upgrade to a large package. This package has been very helpful to the developer’s community.

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