Domain Name Registration in Nigeria

Domain Name Registration in Nigeria

Nigeria is country with close to 30 million potential customers in small and medium enterprises and professionals. This domain name market remains unscratched to a great extent with little hope of the situation changing. NIRA the .NG registry reports to register around 3300 .NG domain extension in a month. This number of domain name registered is a clear indication of a domain name market that is barely living its potential. There are several domain name registrars in the market offering the service of domain name registration and webhosting services to the market. Despite large number of domain name of registrars in market numbers remains low. Some of the reasons hindering domain name adoption growth include:

  1. Lack of awareness among Nigerian on importance of domain name to their enterprises.
  2. Poor Internet connectivity
  3. Literacy levels among Nigerian are still not satisfactory.
  4. Undeveloped enterprises
  5. Low access levels  to internet among the population in Nigeria are trying hard to improve the situation, these include:
    • Whogohost |




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