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Email Hosting Solution in Nigeria

Email Hosting Solution in Nigeria

Looking for the most reliable and affordable email hosting solution in Nigeria? Then you’re in luck because we have written this article just to help you get that for your business.

Email hosting is a unique solution focused primarily on email servers. This service works independently from website hosting, hence your business will still operate at full scale even while you’re setting everything up.

Nowadays, building brand trust and awareness are extremely important. But it is not an easy thing to do. However, it is much simpler with domain-based email hosting! Every email that you send will display your domain name to potentials customers while encouraging them to check out your site. Surveys also show that users are more likely to choose companies that use professional email addresses.

Truehost Cloud Nigeria provides one of the best emails hosting solutions for professionals and businesses in Nigeria. As far as email hosting in Nigeria is concerned, TrueHost Cloud offers the best.

Email hosting service at Truehost cloud involves adopting of a private server at a location of your choice, having system engineers at Truehost Cloud Nigeria install the best email management software in your private server –mostly open-source systems. After installation, configuration and testing, the email server is commissioned for client use.

After the server is commissioned for use, it is easy to use and can be assessed from laptops and smartphones.

Benefits of email hosting service at Truehost Cloud


Adoption of the premium open-source system allows clients to save money that they would have used in buying into proprietary systems.

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Using an email hosting provider ensures that all your communication, along with its data is safe and sound with the hosting server. Once you sign in to your email account, all your correspondence is encrypted so that sensitive data doesn’t get leaked or compromised.

Protection from virus and spam

A good email hosting provider like TrueHost that offers the best email hosting in Nigeria protects your inbox from emails containing viruses and spam as they are equipped with scanning technology that identifies such emails even before they end up in your inbox.


Truehost cloud email servers can be upgraded or downgraded with a click of a button and therefore clients now and future demands are catered for.

Full control for your data

Private email server as provided by Truehost Cloud gives client full control over their data. If a client feels like wiping out their data, emails – Truehost Cloud private email servers provide that convenience.

Types of Email Hosting

Shared Email Hosting

Shared hosting providers come with email hosting where your email will be hosted on a shared server along with your website. This type of email hosting is not recommended because it doesn’t guarantee security for your email and its data.

Self Hosted Email

Just like you self host a website, you can self host your email as well. If you have the infrastructure in place, you can host your email on your own servers which will give you more control over your emails. There are advantages and some drawbacks to self-hosted emails as well. However, the time and money required to maintain your own servers often outweigh the benefits of a self-hosted email.

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And this is why third-party email hosting is the best option to go for.

Third-Party Email Hosting

Third-party email hosting providers offer dedicated servers for your emails which ensures security against viruses and spam. They also come with a number of features like calendars, video conferencing capabilities, team chat, and a lot more. A big advantage of third-party email hosting is that you don’t have to bear the cost of maintaining a server. You just have to pay a monthly fee and enjoy the benefits of secure email hosting.


Check out TrueHost’s email hosting packages and prices here now.

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