Email Hosting Solution in Nigeria

Email Hosting Solution in Nigeria

Truehost cloud Nigeria provides one of the best emails hosting solution for professionals and businesses in Nigeria.

Email hosting service at Truehost cloud involve adopting of private server at a location of your choice, having system engineers at Truehost Cloud Nigeria install the best email management software in your private server –mostly open source systems.

After installation, configuration and testing, the email server is commissioned for client use.

Benefit of email hosting service at Truehost Cloud

Affordability – adoption of premium open source system allow clients to save money that they would have used in buying into proprietary systems.

Secure – data segregation – your email reside in  your private server – not shared , data encryption technology for your emails and secure servers ensure bullet proof security for your emails.

Scalability – Truehost cloud email servers can be upgraded or downgraded with a click of button and therefore clients now and future demands are catered for.

Full control for your data – private email server as provided by Truehost Cloud gives client full control over their data. If a client feel like wiping out their data, emails – Truehost Cloud private email servers provide that convenience.


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