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Domain Registration and Web Hosting in Nigeria

Domain registration web hosting

In this article, we write to let you in on the best option to get domain registration and web hosting in Nigeria without stress and at the best prices. We go in-depth to explain how to get the service and everything contained in it.

Creating an online identity starts with domain name registration and web hosting. Truehost Cloud has made the process much easier and affordable. The process of registering a domain has become less time consuming and cheap too with Truehost. With as low as NG1000 and two minutes of your time, you can register a domain name and acquire free hosting for your website and email accounts using our automated registration system.

Yes. You get free hosting for an unlimited time. You only upgrade when you feel the need to. Domain registration at Truehost costs as low as NG1000 for the .xyz extension and only NG2800 for extension. goes for as low as NG4300 per year.

So how and why do you register a domain? To register a domain name, use the domain finder search engine in our homepage to check whether the desired domain is available for registration. If it is available, go ahead and add it to cart and follow the wizard to place an order for the domain name. Registering a domain name ensures the domain becomes your property. No one else in the world can use the domain as long as you have registered it. Once registered, a domain gives visitors a means to access your online content known as your website. By typing the domain name in their computer’s browser, they are directed to your website.

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But where is a website stored? The content displayed on your website is located on your web hosting space. Web hosting gives life to a domain name. Without web hosting, registering a domain is irrelevant. Our shared web hosting plans range from the free Bronze package with 500mbs hosting space to the Platinum package with unlimited hosting space. In between these are the Silver package with 10GB space and Gold package with 30GB space. The servers hosting we use for shared hosting are located in Europe and the United States of America. They are well maintained and optimised to ensure top quality access speeds.

With all these packages, you get hosting for your website, emails and free content management systems e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal to get you started. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you get started and assist you along the way. We also have a huge and growing knowledge base to offer you quick working solutions to challenges you may face.

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