Hosting a website in Nigeria

Hosting a website in Nigeria

Web Hosting in Nigeria

Web hosting is the process in which you make a website accessible via the internet by making its presence visible online. You have two options in hosting a website in Nigeria, either host with a local web host company or host your website with an international web host.  Most local web hosting companies in Nigeria are resellers from international hosting providers. Due to limited bandwidth and poor capital businesses targeting a large website traffic are advised to host with international companies to enjoy reliable and adequate bandwidth and storage space to host their websites.

Advantages of hosting a website in Nigeria

Nigeria web hosting companies accept payment via naira payment. This saves you the hustle of having a master or visa card. You can pay using any bank deposit and fill your payment details online.

When you buy a web hosting plan, some web hosting companies in Nigeria provide free .ng domain name registration and a free 90 days comodo SSL Certificate to secure your site and create a trusted environment to the regular and potential website visitors.

Quality and reliable support provided 24/7 to help in solving any technical problem with servers and provide answers to hosting problems.

Every hosting plan come with an easy to use Cpanel with features like email forwarding, domain name management system tools, unlimited databases to store and easily access data, unlimited FTP accounts, email management,

Hosting combines resources in powerful data centers and provide malware and anti-virus protection with 24/7 server monitoring to maintain high website uptime.

Web hosting services in Nigeria

Reseller hosting

This is a form of hosting in which the account owner has the ability to use his/her allocated bandwidth space to host other websites by purchasing host services to sell them to customers at a profit. Most web hosting providers in Nigeria are resellers. At TrueHost Cloud Nigeria professionals who are eager to add services are provided with reseller accounts and multiple domain hosting.

TrueHost Cloud Nigeria reseller features

Available private nameservers based on your domain name.

Easy to use Cpanel.

Free WHMCS billing system and client management software.

Unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, databases and email accounts.

Free reseller account.

  • Silver reseller @NGN 60000 per year
  • Gold reseller @NGN  120000 per year.
  • Platinum reseller @NGN 150000 per year.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is mainly applied in small businesses that have low website traffic. It involves sharing a server space to websites hosted on a single server. They share the available resources and management is provided by the web host company.


Domain name registration

To host a website in Nigeria, your website needs to have a registered domain from a domain registrar accredited by the Nigeria internet registration association Nira. The country code domain name extension for Nigerian domains is .NG domains. Other domains include the,.org provided by international domain providers.

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that provides security to any website hosted in Nigeria. The Comodo SSL Certificate is the most popular certificate for Nigerian businesses. Different SSL Certificates based on domain validation, organizational validation, extended validation and Wildcard are issued at different pricing depending on the need of your website you are free to purchase any of this available SSL Certificates at a cheap and affordable price. Comodo SSL Certificate is provided for 90 days free by most web hosting companies in Nigeria to provide your site with security as you identify the right SSL to purchase for your website.

Email Hosting

Hosting email accounts on email servers. To make you website look more professional, email hosting allows you include your domain name in your email address. With a professional email address, you can create and manage email accounts for your employees. Email Hosting allows unlimited number of email accounts.

TrueHost Cloud email plan

Bronze @N400 per month

Silver @N600 per month and Gold @N1400 per month.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a physical server leased to provide full and maximum utilization of resources. A dedicated server can be managed by the web host or the company that lease it can personally manage the server. Every dedicated server at TrueHost Cloud Nigeria has Free 7 OS installation with root access, 24/7 server monitoring, security script installation, optimal configurations, free WHM/Cpanel software installations, free firewalls and IP table configurations and Apache web server, MYSQL and PHP.

Increase your online credibility by hosting your website with TrueHost Cloud Nigeria. Visit us on and order the hosting plan to suit your site.

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