Register .NG Domain Name

Register .NG Domain Name

.ng is the country code top level domain in Nigeria. Registering .ng domains is an effective measure in securing your trademarks in Nigeria. .ng domains are domain names registered in Nigeria to uniquely identify Nigerian businesses and organizations.

Factors to consider to register .ng domains

The origin or source of the domains

.ng domains originate from a domain registrar who should be trusted and accredited to provide the country code domain.

The name of the domain

Domains are website names that are used to locate your website on the world wide web. A good domain name should be short, easy to remember, at least containing your company name and should be unique. Domain registrars provide a search box entity to check for the availability of the domain hence you cannot register a name that is already taken.

The price of the domains.

Domain prices vary with different domain registrars. Before settling for a domain registrar to register a .ng domain, ensure that you have familiarized with all the registration, renewal and transfer prices.


You should always know the timeline between the time you register for a domain and the renewal time. This helps in securing your domain name and making timely renewals.

Business type and location

The .ng domain extension should match what your business or company is offering. If it is for a school-based purpose, personal use, government or organizational entities, its purpose should be reflected in the domain extension.

How do you register .ng domain name?

  • To register .ng domain name, think of a domain name you want to register for your website.
  • Visit NIRA website for the list of accredited registrars.
  • Select and visit the website of the accredited registrar to read and sign the registrant’s agreement.
  • Register your .ng domain using their platform by entering your domain name in the domain search box.
  • Click the domain button to check for domain availability for registration.

Why should you register .ng domains?

  1. No one wants to work with fraud, registering .ng domains identifies you in Nigeria and you gain online trust from web visitors and customers.
  2. You are assured of a high search engine ranking for any search that seeks a local business in Nigeria.
  3. You enjoy web hosting services with local web hosts providers because most companies require you to own a domain to be able to host your website with them.
  4. Using the .ng domain and maintaining the SEO ranking will reciprocate to high local website traffic over time.
  5. .ng domains are managed by the Nigerian internet registration association (NIRA), which is Nigerian based for clients to easily raise complaints in case they experience issues with your website.
  6. .ng domains are available and payments are done in Naira. This saves the country’s foreign exchange scandals.
  7. With a .ng domain, your website loads fast locally and experience high performance.


The most popular .ng domains extensions that can be registered in Nigeria. for personal and family use. for mobile devices. for tertiary institutions. for government organizations. for non-commercial organizations.

. for commercial entities and businesses. for Nigerian military entities.

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