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What You Missing Out About Website Builders

Every day we are transacting and websites are part of these transactions. However, today we’ll learn what you missing out about website builders.

A while ago websites were owned by big entities. Nowadays everyone has their own websites.

A while ago one would have to wait for long before getting a website, these days you can create in less than 10 minutes.

You don’t need to learn to code or design. All these have been done for you. You only need to input content and tweak some designs.

Technology has eased the hassle of having to spend a lot. It has also offered flexibility and accessibility.

What is a website builder?

These are tools that used to create a website. This tool, however, eliminates the process of coding and design.

It levels the ground; in that, you don’t need coding or design skills to create a stunning website.

It gives everyone a smooth transition to the website building process. It has a drag and drop tool that assists in website creation.

Website builders fall under two categories:

  • Online site builders.
  • Offline site builders.

The Online site builders- are provided by web hosting companies and allow the process of creation to be fast and easy.

They offer flexibility and security. One can create from anywhere and doesn’t need to have a personal computer.

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They are easy and accessible. One needs no special technical skills to create the best website.

Offline website builder- this is a downloadable software that one uses to create a website.

However, this creation is done offline. It doesn’t involve the internet until later when the website is done and ready for upload.

But requires technical know-how when it comes to uploading which also takes time to create then upload.

How does it work?

Well, since a website builder removes coding and designing skills, it offers the following:

  • Templates
  • Integrations
  • SEO Tools
  • DNS management 
  • And others.

A website builder gives a user a simple process of website design. It online takes a few moments.

Here is how it works; once you are at the homepage of a website builder, the next process is to browse the templates.

Templates are the designed outlook for the website which you can customize to your own design.

Once you’ve picked your template, proceed to edit. Editing can be done by changing fonts, pictures, and content too.

Once done the next thing is to publish. Now, this process allows you to connect your own domain or use the subdomain provided.

Well, no need of using a subdomain since you can get cheap domains at for as low as $0.99 for a year.

Create a stunning site that will be looking professional and get rankings fast with a good domain name.

Website builders also come with Freemium and other plans. Freemium plans are limited but allow one to go live instantly.

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As the business grows one can choose to upgrade to the best version that suits your website needs.

Why use a website builder?

This is what a website builder offers:


In under 10 minutes, you can have your stunning site ready. You don’t have to keep calling and checking up on the developer.

You choose when to work. It’s amazing that you can create and start transacting in few minutes.


Well, a developer sets up prices depending on a website. The more complex it will be the more cost you will pay.

You now create for free with website builders. Not spending a dime and you begin to earn from it.

This cost-free freedom is amazing.


Imagine freedom for creating from anywhere. Choosing when and where to edit, update or publish your website.

Also, all these you can do by yourself, you don’t have to keep checking up from someone else.


Web hosts provide security for your websites. Besides, you don’t entrust your website files to anyone.

Both your customers and visitors are protected from malicious people. No one has access to your files unless you share the logins.

Website builders have come to ease the budget and burden of website creation. They have allowed everyone to create without the hassle.

They have also eliminated the cost that one incurs in creating. It offers flexibility for everyone.

Mean you need no special skills to develop a website. Within few moments your site is up and transactions can be done.


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