How to configure emails on outlook

1.Open outlook on your computer

2. Select Account settings

3. Click Add new account

4. Fill in details required on pop up form

-Name as the email sender’s name

-Email as the email address being set up

-Select either POP3 or IMAP as the preferred email set up (IMAP-for accessing your email from multiple devices;POP3  for accessing very large number of emails using one device)

-mail server  (incoming) as mail.your domain name

-mail server  (outgoing) as mail.your domain name

-username as the email address being set up

-password as the email password

5. (a)Click Next for auto account set up

-The email auto configures itself and finish button appears

-Click finish to save configurations

Alternatively, the email does not auto configure itself, use manual configuration

5(b)Select manually configure server settings

6 Click next to save new selection

7 Click more settings to configure manually the required specifications

8Under outgoing tab, select my SMTP requires authentication and select use same settings as my incoming mail server

9. Under Advanced tab, Fill in the following

(i)Incoming port: 143 for IMAP OR 110 for POP3 with Encryption as TLS and SMTP as 25 or 587

(ii) Alternatively use  Incoming port as 993 for IMAP OR 995 for POP3 with Encryption as SSL and SMTP as 465

10. Tick this server requires an encrypted Authentication

11. Select Leave a copy of messages on the server

12. Click OK to save settings

13. Click  Next button to exit the advanced tab

14. Click Finish to complete the outlook set up

A successful message notification will appears.


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