Why Truehost Nigeria is the best web host in Nigeria

Why Truehost Nigeria is the best web host in Nigeria

We are simply the best when it comes to; Quality, Performance, Support, Security, Value for Money, Stability & Reliability in Web and Email Hosting, Domain Name Registration Management, Cloud Servers , Dedicated Servers& Cloud Computing in Nigeria.

Auto updates on CMS and other Scripts

At Truehost Nigeria automatic updates are run on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and other CMS installations for website clients in Nigeria. The update on the CMS core and plugins ensures that websites are stable and protected from emerging web security threats.

Account Isolation

Truehost Cloud Nigeria guarantees isolation of web hosting account for security reasons. Isolation ensures that possible risk is mitigated and reduced to the vulnerable sites only. Therefore your website is safe even if there is another vulnerable website is hosted.

Fastest Hosting Servers

Truehost Cloud innovations in Nigeria and other part of the world have led to provision of the fastest web and Email hosting environment for shared web hosting, email hosting, fastest cloud servers when compared with other providers. The secret lies in utilization of powerful server machines, superfast connectivity in our data centers and optimized software applications.


Server Level Protection

Truehost Cloud Service are closely managed and monitored and in the eof a major vulnerability, Truehost Cloud Engineers develops and apply server-level fixes, without disruption of services.


Cloud Flare Integration

Truehost Cloud Cpanel allows free Cloudflare integration for your website. In addition to being the best CDN network Cloudflare filters malicious traffic before it hits your server thus an extra layer of security.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Web hosting packages at Truehost Cloud Nigeria allow creation of unlimited email accounts for all the necessary email communications. Add as many email forwarding options, email auto responders, signature and other feature provided on Truehost Cloud Email Services.


Free Website Transfer

Are you stuck at a current service provider not knowing what to do..?Truehost Cloud provides free website and email transfer services from the current service provider to Truehost Cloud Servers. Just send credentials and it will be done.Try out  Cloudpap Drive for realtime backup and restore.



Value for Money

Truehost Cloud Nigeria Hosting packages plus the bundled software including SEO tools, Cloudflare, Site Builders , automated tools, security add-ons, site management applications + support is valued more than 300% the price charged for every package. At Truehost Cloud, the objective is to provide the most valuable solution to the marketplace.


Free 24×7/365 Support

Truehost Cloud Nigeria provides unmatched 24 / 07 support. Support agents are available live through Live chat, Phone, Tickets, Emails, Social Media Network among others.

Daily Backups

Hacked, ? Made uploaded some unpleasant updates – don’t worry. Truehost Cloud Nigeria keeps up to 30 daily backup copies of your account. Allows easy restore to a date of choice at no added cost at a click of a button. Truehost Cloud also provides premium back up services that allow a site owner to define a longer backup and restore period than the free 30 days at a small fee.In addition to daily backup Truehost utilizes Cloudpap Drive that ensure realtime backup and restore option for Cpanel web hosting clients.Truehost Nigeria also features Cloudpap Drive that is a third party addon that allow real time offsite backup and restore.


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