Web hosting in Lagos

Web hosting in Lagos

As you think of starting a company or growing your personal brand, creating a website should be among the first things on your mind. A website gives you online presence and makes your target audience trust you more.


The process of owning one is a simple one. What you will need to do is to find a reliable host. A host is a company that provides the necessary infrastructure to store your web files so your site can be viewed online. Without a host, users do not have access to your site via the internet.


There are several web hosts to choose from and therefore, choosing one can be a difficult task. Some factors to consider include the following:

  • Price
  • Hardware e.g, servers
  • Security
  • Special features/Add-ons
  • Reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer reviews


You may also want to choose a host who is close to your location to reduce latency and downtime. The best web hosting companies you will find in Lagos include the following:

  • Truehost Cloud Nigeria
  • HostNowNow
  • Utiware software limited
  • Whogohost limited
  • Surfweb Nigeria
  • KEKhosting web services
  • Fajiweb solutions
  • Nigerian webhost
  • Wehost Africa
  • Hostzoneng
  • Ryt host limited





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