Cheap Domain Registration in Nigeria

Cheapest Domain Registration in Nigeria

Domain Registration is the process of registering a domain name with one or more IP addresses that is easier to remember and use in URLs to locate a web page. The domain name in Nigeria is registered by a domain name registrant who is accredited by the country code top level registry Nira. Domain names registered in Nigeria comprise of the local ng domains and international domains like .com.

Why do people register domains in Nigeria?

A business or an individual register a domain to increase internet presence, protect copy rights and trademarks, build credibility, increase brand awareness and search engine ranking.

Domains registered in Nigeria

.NG for any domain anywhere.

.SCH.NG for Nigerian academic institutions

.COM.NG for commercial entities and businesses

.NET.NG for Nigerian internet services.

.ORG.NG for non-commercial organization services

.ORG.NG for mobile friendly websites

.GOV.NG for Nigerian government

.EDU.NG for Nigerian tertiary institutions

.NAME.NG for personal use and family websites

.I.NG for an open domain

Cheap domain registration depends on the customer target

Consider this case scenario, if you operate a business in Nigeria it means most of your customers reside in Nigeria. It is cheap to register your domain with the local companies offering the .ng domain. If your customers transaction revolves between Nigeria and other foreign countries, it is cheap to register your domain with an international company offering domain registration. With this you serve all your customers in regardless of where they are located.

The price and mode of payment

Any domain registered in Nigeria is paid via the Nigerian currency naira through bank deposit. This is cheap and saves on time that would otherwise be used in carrying out foreign exchange for international domains when you do not have a naira denominated debit card.

Domain registrant domain pricing to help you select the cheapest for your domain registration.

  1. TrueHost Cloud Nigeria is accredited by Nigeria internet association to register domains in Nigeria. TrueHost Cloud provides cheap and affordable .ng domain names with all domain names available for registration and renewal for less than 2800 naira. Cheapest domain names at lagos.


Domain Price       Renewal Transfer Price
.com NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800
.ng NGN.21550 NGN.21550 NGN.21550 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800
.net NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.2500 NGN.2500 NGN.2500 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800
.org NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.4300
.xyz NGN.6500 NGN.6500 NGN.6500 NGN.2800 NGN.2800 NGN.2800
.biz NGN.4300 NGN.4300 NGN.4300
.pro NGN.6450 NGN.6450 NGN.6450
.mobi NGN.8600 NGN.8600 NGN.8600


  1. AFEESHOST is an affordable domain name registration in Nigeria with domain names pricing as listed below. @N2000 per year, @N2000 per year, .com @N3900 per year, .org @N4800 per year, .net @N5461.79 per year
  2. MARCARIA .COM is a domain name registrant with its pricing rated in US dollars: .ng @ $ 178 and [email protected] $ 54.
  3. WEB4AFRICA .ng domain name registrant accredited by Nira to provide all .ng domain extension.

[email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] ,[email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] all per year.

  1. WHOGOSTHOST , .ng @ $26.51, [email protected]$3.35, [email protected]$3.35, [email protected]$3.35.
  2. NG , [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  3. Registeram each .ng domain starting at N1000 per year.








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