Hosting companies in Nigeria

Hosting companies in Nigeria

When starting out on building a company, organization or a personal brand, the one thing you need is online presence. With the kind of fraud that is out there, internet users will want to confirm that you actually exist by looking out for evidence such as a legit website.

It goes without saying that a website is very important for your brand’s image. Setting up one should not be a daunting task however. There are a number of hosting companies that give you an easy time hosting your site. Usually, these services come as a package that can match any budget.

Types of web hosting

Before you even get to choose a host, you might want to know what you are going for. Many of the service providers will have three major types of hosting plans; shared, VPS and dedicated servers.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting involves sharing of resources such as space and memory with other users. The downside to this kind of sharing is that malicious neighbors could over utilize resources and leave you with little to none. The result is usually reduced performance on your end.

Shared hosting is good enough for a starter website like a personal one where there’s not much traffic. It is also much cheaper compared to other types.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

When your website is finally building up traffic, you should consider moving a notch higher to a VPS. With a VPS, you share a physical server with other users but each one of you runs your own copy of OS. The resources in this instance are well distributed, with each one allocated specified resources. There’s better performance than in shared hosting.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are the best option for large companies which require dedicated space and memory. With this kind of hosting, a single company’s web and email files are stored up in a whole server. It is like owning your own home with your own compound. Flexibility, performance and security are usually very reliable in dedicated hosting.

Here are some companies to look out for in Nigeria for your hosting needs:


  • Truehost Cloud
  • Web4Africa
  • Garanntor NG
  • HostVille
  • HostNowNow
  • Host Vision
  • DomainKing
  • SmartWeb
  • AfeesHost
  • QServers
  • Utiware
  • Whogohost




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