Cloud Servers in Nigeria, Virtual Servers in Nigeria,

Virtual Private Servers located at a world class data center in Nigeria with 99.98% uptime, Internationally accredited.

Servers located in Nigeria are important for clients looking to reduce latency time in Nigeria, safeguard their data within Nigerian borders among other reasons.

Some of our clients include:

  • Media and content creators in Nigeria and west Africa
  • Large website that require to cache their content and data in Nigeria
  • Local service providers like pharmaceuticals and law firms
  • Government Bodies
  • Hospitals
  • Among others

Select the Linux VPS of Choice based in Nigeria, instant set up

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More Powerful Servers from our Nigerian Data Center

Select any of the server and set up

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There are various application of servers including

  1. Web Servers
  2. Email Servers
  3. Data Backup Servers
  4. Traffic Management/ Cache Servers
  5. Application Servers
  6. Among Others

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