VPS Checklist

VPS Checklist: Things to check before buying a VPS

Things to check before buying a VPS

VPS Checklist

Virtual Private Servers(VPS) use virtualized technology to provide dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. If you looking for VPS Servers in Nigeria soon, we have designed this VPS Checklist to help you know the things to check before buying a VPS.

Things to check in a VPS server – The VPS Checklist

The operating system your VPS is operating on.

The first item on our VPS Checklist is the operating system. You may receive a VPS with no information about the operating system. You need to choose an operating system that is compatible with your server. There are several commands you can use to check your distribution names and the kernel details of the Linux version.

Management policies

VPS management plays a major role in determining the performance of the website. VPS can be fully managed or self-managed. After settling for VPS hosting, check on the management level you would like to use on your server. In a fully managed VPS, the web hosting provider is responsible for providing all the management of the server, while for partial management the server is managed by the individual user.


If you suspect that your VPS is off-line or is not responding check for its connectivity using a ping command.


The back-up protocols need to be regularly checked.

IP addresses

You need to check on your IP addresses and know their numbers and prices.


Check on the number of CPU cores in your VPS account.

How to configure a VPS and make it ready for use.

  • If you sign up for a VPS, your web host provider should provide you with a set of credentials that include: server’s IP address, username and password for your root account.
  • Update your server.
  • Enable public-key authentication. The public key is more secure than regular passwords.
  • Set a firewall for your VPS to monitor and filter the traffic that is coming into or going out of network.
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Factors considered when choosing a VPS provider

The type of operating system

The two types of the operating system provided by VPS provider are Linux and Windows operating system. You need to consider the type of operating system you desire to run your VPS server.


The extent of VPS management depends on the plan and the VPS provider. Some VPS providers offer managed to host for VPS servers while some grant you the full responsibility to manage the server.

The nature of the datacenters

Datacenters are special places used to store and house the VPS servers.

Server specifications and configurations.

They include at least 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, disk space, CPU core and the quality of the physical machine in which the CPU is created.

Customer support

You need good customer support to solve any issue that may arise with your VPS hosting.

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