What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting involves partitioning a single physical server to form multiple servers within it called virtual servers which function independently to bridge the gap between the limitations that are drawn from shared hosting and the flexibility of a dedicated server hosting.

How are VPS servers managed in VPS Hosting?

VPS servers can be managed by the VPS provider or an independent management plan provided by the VPS user.

Types of VPS Hosting

Fully managed VPS

A managed VPS provide a managed environment like that of shared hosting but with increased availability of resources.



Self-managed VPS

Self-managed VPS is mostly applicable to users who want to perform more of the administrative tasks on their own. The user has full root access to the server and is free to customize and adjust the server to meet his/her needs. The user is responsible in performing any configuration and application, provide backups, reboots, reset passwords and provide timely upgrades.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

With a VPS you have your own operating system installation which allow you much control over the system configuration.

You can install programs and applications that are not supported or are not allowed on shared hosting accounts.

VPS Hosting provide control at a level similar to a dedicated server at a low and affordable cost.

VPS Hosting provide a user-friendly platform to get many features, resources, control and flexibility of a server not achieved in shared hosting.

All managed VPS have an easy to use knowledge base control panel.

VPS Hosting provide you with more disk space, CPU and RAM.

VPS hosting provide flexibility of resources in that you have the freedom to choose the operating system and software you want to install in the server.

With the availability of resources users can enjoy fast load times, hence a VPS operates under a high performance.

The activities of other VPS customers are indirectly associated with your activities hence a VPS is stable to operate with no interference.

Virtual private servers have their own operating system and dedicated resources, hence they act as a dedicated server within a shared server.

What features should you get from a VPS host provider for VPS Hosting?

Root access

With root access you can be able to have complete control over your VPS accounts and configurations for all software applications. These activities are made easy with a control panel that comes with every managed VPS plan from your VPS provider.

The management and support

VPS hosting is characterized with personal management of the server just like a dedicated server. This means you have to personally employ all the technical measures that are needed to manage the server. Most VPS host companies provide management and support services to assist with the administrative tasks.

Server monitoring

A good VPS provider actively monitors your server to ensure that the server is secure from hackers and any virus attack.

Multiple domain hosting

You should go for a hosting provider that allow you to host multiple websites and still get unlimited powerful server performance.

Managed backup

A VPS plan should provide a way to back up your data and protect it from sudden threats.

VPS servers are a great solution for any growing business which is not ready for the cost of a dedicated server and need more resources than those provided in shared hosting.

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