Cheapest Windows Hosting in Nigeria

Cheapest Windows Hosting in Nigeria

When it comes to web hosting, you can have your website hosted on a Windows or Linux server. The choice to host on one or the other depends on what technology you need for your website.

What’s a Window Server?

Windows is a commercial Operating System (OS) owned by Microsoft. Together with Linux, they make the two most popular OS run on servers.

Whereas Linux servers will support platforms such as PHP or MysQL, Window servers will work comfortably with Windows-specific technologies like ASP.NET or MSSQL.

Should your PC run on Windows?

You don’t need to have a Windows OS on your PC to get Windows hosting. You only need to know what platform your website is built on to get the best support.

Due to Windows being a closed-source OS, windows hosting tends to be more costly compared to Linux options. However, there are a number of affordable service providers. Here are some of the companies with the cheapest windows hosting in Nigeria:


Company Price (Naira per year) Storage Bandwidth Email accounts
KeKhost N2500 3GB 8GB Unlimited
Truehost Cloud N3500 2GB Unlimited
Smart Choice N4000 2GB 10GB 15
Smartweb N5000 2GB 10GB 15 N5000 500mb 1.5GB Unlimited N5000 5GB 5GB 25


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Cheapest Web hosting in Nigeria
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